Netgear DGN1000 review

After an intermittent failure of my previous ADSL router, I thought long and hard about whether I could justify spending many hundreds of pounds on a nice Cisco 1800, I decided to go cheap and buy a bottom-of-the-range Netgear. After all, I’d had Netgear routers in the past, with few problems. So I bought the Netgear DGN1000.
The best thing about this router is that it has a power button. This is useful because you’ll be using it a lot.
The biggest problem with this router is that it randomly stops routing data between the WAN and the wireless network. Or sometimes it does route data, but at around 1Kb/s. Sometimes this failure to route data happens after several hours, sometimes it can happen within minutes. The only resolution is to reboot the router.
So apart from the constant failures, it’s fine. Except the automatic firmware update doesn’t work (it fails to recognise that there’s a newer firmware available), and WPS doesn’t appear to work at all.
This is the first piece of IT hardware I’ve ever felt like driving over in my car.
On this occasion I’ll return it as faulty instead.

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