Starting out alone in Information Security and IT consultancy

After 10 years with my previous employer I was made redundant at the end of January. Rather than rush straight to the job boards in a state of panic, I’m looking at this as an opportunity. For several years I have considered Information Security and IT consultancy as a career path, but never been in a… Continue reading Starting out alone in Information Security and IT consultancy

BitTorrent Magnet links for FreeBSD

Since the FreeBSD torrent tracker has been taken offline, and it appears that it won’t be coming back, you may be able to use a magnet link, so here they are. Each magnet link announces to three public trackers, to try and increase the size of the swarm. Current FreeBSD versions FreeBSD-7.4-RELEASE-amd64-all FreeBSD-7.4-RELEASE-amd64-bootonly FreeBSD-7.4-RELEASE-amd64-disc1 FreeBSD-7.4-RELEASE-amd64-disc2… Continue reading BitTorrent Magnet links for FreeBSD

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Installing sqlite3 ruby gem on FreeBSD

If you try to install (or update) the sqlite3 ruby gem on FreeBSD, you might get the following error: sudo gem update sqlite3 Updating installed gems Updating sqlite3 Fetching: sqlite3-1.3.5.gem (100%) Building native extensions. This could take a while… ERROR: Error installing sqlite3: ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension. /usr/local/bin/ruby18 extconf.rb checking for sqlite3.h…… Continue reading Installing sqlite3 ruby gem on FreeBSD

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Netgear DGN1000 review

After an intermittent failure of my previous ADSL router, I thought long and hard about whether I could justify spending many hundreds of pounds on a nice Cisco 1800, I decided to go cheap and buy a bottom-of-the-range Netgear. After all, I’d had Netgear routers in the past, with few problems. So I bought the… Continue reading Netgear DGN1000 review

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My Ideal Operating System

What would my ideal Operating System look like? Really small minimal installation. You know, like OpenBSD. Thorough and comprehensive help pages. You know, like OpenBSD. The ability to simply administer the OS remotely. You now, like SSH on OpenBSD. Excellent, easy to configure firewall. You know, like pf on OpenBSD. Easy to configure network redundancy.… Continue reading My Ideal Operating System

Renaming a model in Rails

When renaming a model in Rails (2.3), there are a range of files you may need to change: Create a migration to rename the database table: (rename_table :oldname, :newname) Rename the model. Edit any associations in other models. Rename the controller (if required) Modify routes.rb Modify any links in views. Rename views. Rename the model… Continue reading Renaming a model in Rails

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