The Whitchurch Branch

The Whitchurch Branch of the Ellesmere Canal ran close to Whitchurch town centre. Today only a short section remains, used mainly for moorings.

The overlay below was based on information gained from the 1902 Ordnance Survey map. Because there are few distinguishing features remaining, I may have got the path a few metres out, but that’s all.

There are plans to reinstate the Whitchurch Branch, but looking at the overlay, I’m less optimistic than I was.

Download the Whitchurch Branch overlay (Google Earth required)


The Prees Branch

The Prees Branch on the Llangollen Canal is today a short branch that leads to Whixhall Marina. It was originally longer, reaching Quina Brook, though like many canal schemes it didn’t reach its original goal of Prees.

The bridge names have come from the 1902 Ordnance Survey map. Interestingly this map also refers to the branch as the Edstaston Branch. I’d never heard it referred to by this name before, though this makes sense, as the branch passed Edstaston, but never reached Prees.

Some of this section of canal is now a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest.

Download the Prees Branch overlay. (Google Earth required)