Daily Mail corrects incorrect facts, but not the biggest ones

The BEA released a briefing about the loss of Air France flight 447 today. The flight involved a descent of 3 minutes 30 seconds, during which the aircraft was stalled. All 228 on board lost their lives. The briefing specifically says

the engines were operating and always responded to crew commands.

Earlier in the day, the Daily Mail published an article with the headline “Terrifying final moments of doomed Air France flight revealed: Passengers endured three-minute plunge before crash”, and the sub-headlines include “…engines began to fail…” and “…engines stalled…”, so it’s downright incorrect.

Screenshot of Daily Mail story
The early version of the story (thanks to istyosty.com)

Don’t worry though, because they’ve corrected it. The headline now says “FOUR MINUTE plunge”. Rounding up is better than rounding down, after all, and the use of capitals emphasises the difference. The sub-headlines mentioning engine failure are still there though. I wonder if it will ever be corrected.

Screenshot of Daily Mail story
The updated version of the story

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