Daily Mail corrects incorrect facts, but not the biggest ones

The BEA released a briefing about the loss of Air France flight 447 today. The flight involved a descent of 3 minutes 30 seconds, during which the aircraft was stalled. All 228 on board lost their lives. The briefing specifically says the engines were operating and always responded to crew commands. Earlier in the day,… Continue reading Daily Mail corrects incorrect facts, but not the biggest ones

To the Daily Mail – people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones

The Daily Mail try to have a laugh at the expense of The Independent in this article. The article points out that on The Independent’s site you can alter the URL as long as you retain the article number. Of course, The Independent “were embarrassed”. Ho ho, we’re The Daily Mail, other newspapers aren’t as… Continue reading To the Daily Mail – people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones

Grumpy Old Men

I’ve long been a fan of BBC’s Grumpy Old Men. Almost everything that is complained about is something you can sympathise with. However, tonight, for the first time I noticed that they class Grumpy Old Men as being from 35 to 54 years old. Given that I’ve only got two years until I fall into… Continue reading Grumpy Old Men

Frustrating companies – Cisco

Cisco make plenty of networking hardware, ranging from the small stuff for small business (let’s ignore the Linksys stuff badges as Cisco for now), to the really big stuff, suitable for the busiest networks. Within each product type (routers, switches etc) there are many products. Each product can then have many different models, with differing… Continue reading Frustrating companies – Cisco


When I bought my iMac, a year ago, I also bought a new iPod Nano with it. The Nano comes with headphones, but they are really uncomfortable in your ear. So new headphones were required. I have a pair of Sony MDREX71s. I had the MDREX70s before, and was happy with them, but the wire… Continue reading Headphones

What makes banana chips healthy?

Seen on BBC Breakfast this morning in an interview about the government’s 5-a-day campaign: Q: “What’s in banana chips that makes them healthy?”A: “Banana”

Barclays test patience

Having a mortgage with Barclays was a result of a discussion with a mortgage advisor when I bought I first house. They worked out the cheapest over three years, so it seemed a logical choice. Roll forward three years, and I’ve moved house, but due to starting the moving process while in my tie-in period,… Continue reading Barclays test patience

TiVo upgrade

I've been a TiVo owner since 2002, and I still think it's as fantastic a piece of hardware now as I did six years ago. It's incredibly easy to use, and has been 100% reliable. However, over Christmas I decided I'd record plenty of films, for later viewing. The only problem was that we couldn't… Continue reading TiVo upgrade