Backing up Microsoft ISA 2004 using Symantec Backup Exec

It seems that many people have problems backing up a Microsoft ISA server using Symantec Backup Exec.

Here’s what worked for me:

  • To get ISA able to be browsed and backed up, you need to add some rules to ISA to allow Backup Exec to access it, and to allow it to be browsed from the network.
  • Create a new protocol in ISA (I called mine BackupExec). Set the Primary Connections to be TCP ports 10000-10025 Outbound.
  • Create a rule to allow your newly-created BackupExec protocol from your Backup Exec server to your ISA server.
  • In Backup Exec, go to Tools, Options, Network and Firewall, and select Enable remote agent TCP dynamic port range: 10000 – 10025.
  • On your ISA server you may have to enable the Firewall Client Install option in System Policy Editor. (Action menu, Edit System Policy, Firewall Client Installation)

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