Snowdon – 1st January 2002

A walk up Snowdon

This was to be a nice, relatively gentle stroll to celebrate the start of the new year. Just over a year previously, I had gone up Snowdon, ascending the Rhyd Ddu path, and descending the Snowdon Ranger Path. Because variety is the spice of life, I decided to do the same route in reverse this time. I parked the car at the Youth Hostel nice and early in the morning, and we (the dog and I) set off, with clear skies above us , and a thin layer of snow on the ground. As we climbed through the fields, and Snowdon came in to view, I was grateful that I had brought the camera.

Snowdon from the Snowdon Ranger Path
Snowdon from the Snowdon Ranger Path. Again.

Snowdon from the Snowdon Ranger Path, one more time.

The ascent to the summit was trivial. The snow obviously got thicker towards the top, and while a few people had crampons on, it was perfectly fine to continue without them. We met a few people on the path up, but upon reaching the ridge, it became clear that if you want isolation and peace and quiet on Snowdon, New Year's Day is not the day to go! However, the number of people around didn't bother me when I saw the view. There was barely a cloud in the sky, and the only issue was that the trig point was rather crowded. We stayed at the top for half an hour, while we ate our lunch.

Crib Goch and Garnedd Ugain from the summit of Snowdon

Moel Hebog and Bwlch Main from the summit of Snowdon

The summit of Snowdon

Crib Goch from Bwlch Glas

After lunch, we looked towards the Rhyd Ddu path for our descent, but last time we climbed that way, and then there had been a small amount of snow on the path, which made me nervous for the dog, as she has a tendancy to rush around. In addition, a descent to Rhyd Ddu would have meant a couple of miles walk along the road to the car, so we decided to play it safe, and return down the Snowdon Ranger Path. The only issue we had on the descent was that the dog had to keep stopping, as she was getting snow balled up between her toes. While on the descent, we came across an interesting impression in the snow…

An interesting snow pattern...

Snowdon from the Snowdon Ranger Path

Snowdon from the Snowdon Ranger Path. Because you haven't had enough already.

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