The Newport Branch

The Newport Branch is entirely closed today. It was originally built as a branch of of the Birmingham and Liverpool Junction Canal, linking to the Shrewsbury Canal.

From reading articles on the web, you might be lead to believe that much of it is gone. Maybe because it passes through such a desolate area, it hasn’t been built on, so restoration along the original line seems feasible (though of course expensive and slow, as progress on the Montgomery has shown). The section between Norbury Junction and Newport seems like it might be restored relatively easily. The problem with section is the high number of locks, which means a lot of expense (a set of gates for a single lock in in the tens of thousands of pounds range), and also a lot of water supply needed, which would have to come from the Shropshire Union main line. Also, the dry dock at Norbury Junction would have to go.

No restoration is taking place on this canal currently, though the Shrewsbury and Newport Canals Trust have started to make some progress at restoring Wappenshall Junction.

The overlay below was based on information gained from old Ordnance Survey maps, combined with the maps on the Shrewsbury and Newport Canal Trust’s website.

Download the Newport Branch overlay (Google Earth required)

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