Talk about responsive…

I’ve been using Nagios for a while to monitor several servers. When I set it up, one of the things I left until later was monitoring PostgreSQL databases, as it requires a plugin, and I wasn’t sure which plugins to try. Then I noticed an announcement on the PostgreSQL website that a new version (version 2.9.2) of the plugin was available, so I thought I’d give it a try.

The plugin turned out to be easy to install and configure, though a little clarification on some of the documentation wouldn’t go amiss. There are two checks the plugin performs, which check to see whether a new version of the plugin is available, and whether a new version of PostgreSQL is available. Neither of these worked for me.

I had a dig through the source code, and saw that there were 5 commands used to retrieve the latest version information from the internet. FreeBSD doesn’t have any of these commands installed by default, but it does come with fetch, which does the same job. So I added the additional line for fetch to the plugin, and tested it. It worked just fine, so the next thing was to feed that change back to the project. There’s no bug tracker on the site, and I didn’t feel like signing up to the mailing list, so I emailed the developer.
I set the plugin to manually recheck for a new version (I’d only set it to automatically check once per day), and it said there was a new version available (version 2.9.3). At first I thought I’d done something wrong, until I downloaded the new version, and found my patch incorporated in it (with a few other fixes).
Time from emailing the developer to the new version being released: 38 minutes
Gotta love open source and responsive developers…

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