Tryfan – 27th October 2001

A walk up Tryfan

The idea of this walk was more to have a nice day out, and get some decent photos rather than to scale hills at all costs. The day got off to a relaxed start, arriving the layby by Llyn Ogwen around midday. We walked up the path from the layby up over Bochlwyd Buttress, alongside Nant Bochlwyd.

Nant Bochlwyd

Nant Bochlwyd is crossed where it flows from Llyn Bochlwyd. The rocks were a little slippy, and the dog was unsure at first, but then shot across, making me look extrememly nervous!

Tryfan from the west

Bwlch Tryfan from Llyn Bochlwyd

We followed the path up to Bwlch Tryfan, a gentle, easy climb. Looking back there were fine views of Nant Ffrancon.

Looking down Cwm Bochlwyd over Llyn Bochlwyd. Views of Y Garn and Y Gribin

Looking down Cwm Bochlwyd from Bwlch Tryfan

We climbed over the stile at the top of Bwlch Tryfan, and sat on a large stone to eat some lunch. While we were eating, a helicopter which had been flying around for quite some time winched someone in a stretcher off Bristly Ridge. After eating, we decided to have a look at the possibility of climbing Tryfan. However, it appeared that it would be too difficult for the dog to get up, so instead I thought it would be good to walk along Heather Terrace. The weather was great, and there was a clear view for quite some distance.

Looking north-east from the south end of Heather Terrace. Views of Cwn Tryfan, Y Braich and Pen Llithrig y Wrach.

On the map, it appears that Heather Terrace has a kink in it, but at this point the path became indistinct, as it was all over rocks, so we scrambled down to the bottom of Bwlch Tryfan. Photo hint – a polarizer can really make the sky stand out!

Tryfan seen from Cwm Tryfan

We walked along the path to Tryfan Bach, so we could at least say we'd done one summit, even if it was only a little one! We scrambled down the west side of Tryfan bach, to walk down the path, and found a group of climbers on the slab af rock at the base of Tryfan Bach. The ground then became all boggy, and we joined the A5. It was then a mile-long walk back to the car.

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